Can you find the Apollo 15 landing area on the Plain at Hadley?

Looking at the Moon, we can’t see any effects of our exploration of our Moon. But, with directions, you can see one landing site in particular – the magnificent landscape of Hadley Rille and Mount Hadley in the Apennine Mountains. The Appennine Mountains are the left side of the inverted ‘V’ of lighter rough terrain… More Can you find the Apollo 15 landing area on the Plain at Hadley?

Muddled models

As the NYC National Weather Service office noted yesterday, the computer forecast models have been at odds all week on low pressure forming to our south and coming up the east coast.  Maybe the models don’t like a winter storm in August. But the storm is expected to stay well offshore and we’ll mostly just… More Muddled models

Moon morn

The last quarter moon was hanging out over our house this morning, so I took its picture. Here is the scene from my Canon XS through the 8-inch Orion Dobsonian telescope….it’s very much like the view you can see through the dob with a 30mm (40power) 2-inch-wide eyepiece. Then I tried to zoom in with… More Moon morn

Heads UP! for August

August isn’t known as a astronomy month – it’s challenging due to the bright, hot nights, and buggyness. If you are going on vacation this month, check out the skies in many places darker than our glowing suburbs, especially when our National Parks and Wilderness areas are reintroducing vacationers to the wonders of a dark… More Heads UP! for August