Photo of the International Space Station’s Trail Across the Sky

I love an advertisement that pokes fun of the company it’s advertising.  Actually, I love funny ads in general!

One in particular.  The copy read, “Here’s a glorious, full-sized color photo of the Goodrich blimp!”  It was a photo of a (blank) blue sky.  Goodrich was a rubber tire company, but not the one (Goodyear) that had the blimps. 🙂

So, you know where this is going.  I kinda missed the ISS’s (ISS’?) overflight last night.  It’s hard to focus the camera without bright stars, there were too many streetlights, yada, yada, yada.

As I was focusing on the Big Dipper, I noticed the very bright dot of the ISS at the bottom of my frame.  Here is the photo:

Upside-down Big Dipper between a roof gutter and a tree.
The track of the ISS is that bright dash leaving the bottom of the photo.
Five-second exposure Canon XS 18mm zoom lens at f/4, ISO 800.
No processing.

The ISS, in the sunlight 432km right above me, was brilliant!

I re-aimed the camera and tried twice more, each with the two-second delay to decrease camera shake, and the same five-second exposure time. If I take a shorter exposure, the stars don’t show up, but the ISS makes a dot like it looks in the sky, not the streak we see in timed exposures.

Hope you had better luck! Share your story in the comments.

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