Almost Full Moon – 2 hours before perigee

Just took a Canon XS snapshot of the not-quite-Full-Moon. Great view in binoculars. The relief from the Sun rising over the craters on the southeastern limb of the Moon (from Earth’s point of view) was fantastic as the Moon’s South Pole was tipped toward us. So, I popped the camera on the tripod and used the 250mm lens and got a good focus using the 10x live view.

250mm lens at f/7.1 1/800 seconds at ISO200.
Sharpened a bit and increased the brightness and darkness
in Photoshop Elements 15, from RAW file, saved as factor 7 jpeg.
A ‘murderer’s row’ of craters along the lunar sunrise line.
IDL TIFF file converted to jpg by PE15 for wordpress use.
From NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio.

Moon Data: 97% full just two hours before it was at perigee at 223,532 miles from Earth – the sixth closest monthly lunar perigee of the year. Luna will be further away from us at Full Moon, 32 hours from tonight’s perigee. I think that will be the third closest Full Moon of the year. I was lucky to have been able to see it tonight, instead of the farther awaySUPERMOON” (say that in Movie Announcer Voice) on the night of May 6/7. The South Pole of the Moon was tilted 6 degrees toward us. It makes the northern features look a bit shifted toward the northern horizon.

The Moon was even better in my 8×25 image stabilzed binoculars than this photo and saved the task of hefting the 43-pound scope outside.

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