Tonight’s the Night

Not the Neil Young song. For the northeastern United States, tonight is one of the few clear nights recently or upcoming. The weekend has a coastal storm everyone is watching.

So, tonight’s the night to get out there while there is a clear night. We’ll have the crescent Moon, brilliant Venus, and way down to the lower right of Venus, speedy Mercury is starting its ascent into the evening sky.

The ISS will be passing low in the northern sky just before 7pm (see chart at end of this post).

Here’s a chart from – it’s ok for this evening for the northeastern and mid-atlantic states, and for most places for this time of night. You can make your own from their site, as well.

Evening sky about an hour after sunset tonight, January 29th (7pm local time).
Mercury is the dot on the western horizon. You’ll have to be out earlier to see Mercury well.

Thursday morning is forecast to be clear as well. Look for unremarkable Mars near anti-Mars (Antares in Scorpius) if it’s still dark, and Jupiter and Saturn scraping the southeastern horizon to Mars’ lower left as you get nearer to sunrise.

6:30am local time, about 40 minutes before Sunrise, Thursday, January 30th.
International Space Station overflight, visible to the unaided eye, but low in the northern sky, as predicted for the White Plains, NY, USA area around 5:55pm EST.
Go to for predictions for your location.

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