Count the stars?

I was taking some snapshots of the sky to talk about with my grandson. Then I saw my friend Scott counting five, no six! objects to look at. I had captured four of them. Canon XS on a tripod. Try for yourself! With or without a camera.

250mm zoom lens, 1/640 second exposure at f/7.1 ISO 200
55mm zoom lens, 10 seconds at f7.1 ISO 200

Missed Aldebaran and the V-shaped Hyades cluster.

Pleiades cluster.
Cropped from larger frame of 55mm lens for 5 seconds at f/4.5 ISO 800
Betelgeuse, the leftmost star in this photo of Orion. (Lying around like a goofball, again!)
55mm zoom lens for 10 seconds at f/4.6 ISO 800

To read all about them, go to Scott’s blog, and count the Count.

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