What’s going on behind the Sun?

Thanks to the SOHO ( Solar & Heliospheric Observatory) we can see stars and planets which would be overwhelmed by sunshine here on Earth.

* December 29 through January 2 from SOHO Camera C3. *
White circle is the size of the Sun as seen from SOHO.
Jupiter ‘moving’ to the right and Mercury moving to the left.
Milky Way ‘moving’ right at lower right corner.
Sagittarius’ ‘teapot’ handle ‘moving’ right below the Sun
Note the ‘Teaspoon’ at upper left.

Mercury’s moving in front of M8 on the 29th.
“Moving” in quotes because it’s the Earth’s moving around the Sun that makes the stars and distant planets ‘move’ from left to right.
Map of the sky in the direction of the Sun.
Note Jupiter and Mercury to the west of the Sun and Saturn off to the east, about to enter the C3 scene.

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