Severe storms and heavy rain possible for Tuesday

The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center has mapped out an elevated risk of severe weather and heavy rain over the mid-Atlantic states for Tuesday. Beware of flooding and possible severe thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon into the early evening.

The hourly aviation forecasts are predicting: for Philadelphia, showers with a 30% probability of heavy or severe thunderstorms between 3pm and 6pm on Tuesday. The NYC area forecasts are giving the timing of a 30% probability of moderate thunderstorms between noon and 6pm, with a general moderate rain during that time. After that, both areas have light rain showers into the night.

Any severe thunderstorms will have high wind gusts as their major damaging effect. (In addition to possible very heavy rains.)

Here’s the Weather Prediction Center’s forecast map for Tuesday. Check the site for updates.

Tuesday morning and during the day on Tuesday, check these sources and your local forecasts for updates, especially for when severe conditions may occur.

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