Moon landing and Moon rise

By coincidence, the moment of the anniversary of the first step on our Moon by humans is about the same as the time of moon rise here in the Mid-Atlantic states of the United States.

At 10:56:20 pm EDT, Saturday, July 20th, we celebrate exactly 50 years since Neil Armstrong stepped on our moon’s surface. At a specific set of places across the world tonight, the Moon will rise at or around that time.
For New York City, moon rise is 10:47pm. EDT, 10:58 in Washington, DC, 10:57 in Philadelphia, PA. Data from USNO site.
If I understood the moon-rise math and geometry better, I could figure out which specific places the moon will rise at the time of the first step in that time zone’s standard time.
Note that since the dates of the phases of the moon change from month to month (see Scott’s blog on this:…/apollo-11-a-moon-ph…/ ) the moon is not where it was the night of the first moon landing.

It might be nice to commemorate the anniversary of the ‘small step’ / ‘giant leap’ with the view of our moon coming over the horizon.

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