Sat Jun 29 – Mid-atlantic ozone, northeast thunderstorm line, Puerto Rico dust from the Sahara

Today’s watches and warnings: Ozone advisory for southern NJ southward into Delaware and Maryland. No severe thunderstorm watch, but keep an eye out as a line of thunderstorms is expected. Visibility lower in San Juan, Puerto Rico today due to dust from the Saharan Desert.

The National Weather Service forecast discussion for 10am has the following helpful details on the possible strong storms this afternoon:

The approximate timing of organized thunderstorms this afternoon and
early evening is as follows:

Lower Hudson Valley and Interior Connecticut: 3-6pm
Northeast NJ, NYC and Coastal Connecticut: 4-7pm
Long Island: 5-8pm.
Cold front and thunderstorm activity should push SE of the region by

Storms this morning south central New York State are falling apart. These are not the storms for this afternoon, which will come out of Pennsylvania.

What to do? Keep in touch with the weather via an app you trust or check the NWS sites and the weather radar. NWS NYC’s weather radio is still out of service! Also, use your eyes and ears. If you can hear thunder or see lightning, go inside! No place outside is safe. A kiosk or pavilion will not save you from lightning. Lightning also splashes out through the ground.

Effects of lightning hitting a flagpole on the ground around it. Via Golf Digest magazine website. ozone air quality forecast map for Sat Jun 29. Go to the site and click on the ‘forecast’ tab.

Last but not least – Puerto Rico has been getting waves of dust from the Sahara Desert the past two weeks. Here’s the latest:

Yellow and red show areas of dry, stable air, often from the Sahara Desert.
Same view, in visible light, shows the haze area of dust to the east of the line of clouds that looks like a wave.

Visibility is down to nine miles at the San Juan Airport. After the next wave this weekend, there will be an extended area of dust over the islands.

From today’s forecast discussion at the San Juan National Weather Service Office:

Traces of Saharan dust will become evident again and hazy skies will
return tonight through Monday. Temperatures are also expected to
warm slightly with increased sunshine and winds sporting a weak
southerly component. The GFS also adds several meters to the 1000-
850 mb thicknesses during the period.

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