Ozone episode underway June 26 – 27.

Thursday, June 27th update:

Latest forecast map- 11am Th Jun 27: Ozone air quality advisory now includes Long Island (but not NYC).

Green is good air quality. Yellow is marginal. Orange is unhealthy for sensitive individuals.
Ozone is the pollutant forecast to be in the ‘orange’ range. It does not mean keep kids indoors. People with lung problems, asthma or who are sensitive to ozone should not do high exertion activities today. Kids with asthma should review their asthma plans with their parents and caregivers, but (generally) not be afraid to go out and play in code Orange conditions.

Check out airnow.gov for observations and updated forecasts. Forecast air quality maps are posted for the present day only.

Ozone exceeded the health standard for sensitive individuals, 70parts per billion, at several sites (in bold) on the 26th, based on preliminary data in progress.

Elevated ozone concentrations are possible through Friday. A cold front approaches from the north, shifting the winds, bringing increasing clouds. Then, showers Saturday night.

Ancora State Home NJ /340071001/O3/1 06/26/19 73ppb ozone
Essex MD/240053001/O3/1 06/26/19 73
Horn Point MD/240190004/O3/1 06/26/19 73
EdgewoodMD/240251001/O3/1 06/26/19 72
Millville NJ/340110007/O3/1 06/26/19 70
Monmouth U NJ/340250005/O3/1 06/26/19 70
Queens NY/360810124/O3/1 06/26/19 70
Babylon NY/361030002/O3/1 06/26/19 69
Blackwater NWR MD /240199991/O3/1 06/26/19 69
Greenwich CT/090010017/O3/1 06/26/19 68
BELLFNT2 DE/100031013/O3/1 06/26/19 67
Reading Airport PA /420110011/O3/1 06/26/19 67
Wash. Crossing NJ /340219991/O3/1 06/24/19 67
Westport CT /090019003/O3/1 06/26/19 67
Freemansburg PA /420950025/O3/1 06/26/19 66
Lancaster PA /420710007/O3/1 06/26/19 66
NEA PA /421010024/O3/1 06/26/19 66
New Garden PA /420290100/O3/1 06/26/19 66
Norristown PA /420910013/O3/1 06/26/19 66
Colliers Mills NJ/340290006/O3/1 06/26/19 65
Fair Hill MD/240150003/O3/1 06/26/19 65
Lancaster DW PA/420710012/O3/1 06/26/19 65
PG Equestrian C MD /240338003/O3/1 06/26/19 65
SEAFORD DE /100051002/O3/1 06/26/19 65

Areas in orange are projected to exceed the standard today.

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