Venus low in the west right after sunset.

Venus is setting seven minutes earlier each evening and soon will also be rising before sunrise as it curves between us and the sun on the 25th. Here’s two photos from tonight (Sunday March 19th) just above the trees from the parking deck at the DiCicco’s in Ardsley. Venus got tangled up in the trees by 7:35pm, even though it didn’t set below the horizon until 8:03pm.


Wide view shows how Venus – the bright dot left of center just above the trees – Canon XS 55mm 1/8 second f11.


Zoom lens 250mm 1/8 sec f/11. Zoomed in shows the (blurry) crescent Venus.


A shorter exposure with the zoom lens, 1/100 sec to try to reduce the blurring of the crescent Venus.

IMG_6099 (2)

Enlarged from the previous photo (for some reason I can’t get wordpress to publish the photo full size).





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