Cold. Really cold. Really windy. Did I mention cold?

Hold on tight! Here comes the cold air! A series of cold fronts will bring strong wind and cold air. At NWS Forecast Discussion, you can read about their thoughts about this and some snow due Saturday morning.

Here’s some highlights:

Temperatures drop to the mid-20s tonight, hold steady on Thursday, and fall further Thursday night as winds gust to perhaps 55 miles per hour.

Temperatures will moderate on Saturday, after we get some snow….

 Thermal profiles will be plenty cold
enough for a light and powdery accumulating snow Friday Night into
early Sat morning areawide. A change over to a wintry mix then rain
is likely Saturday morning as temperatures aloft rise rather
quickly. Before the change over to rain, 1 to 2 inches of snow is
forecast for SE LI/SE CT...2 to 3 inches for
NYC/NJ metro...increasing to 4 to 6 inches for the NW interior.

Of concern...with primary surface low pressure tracking well to the
W of the region Sat and sub-freezing ground temps...low level cold
air will likely be hard to scour out across the interior. This will
bring potential for a lingering freezing rain threat well into the
day Saturday across the interior...with even a transitional threat
along the coast in the morning. Eventually all wintry precip should
changeover to plain rain across the interior with continued waa
later in the day.

Just when you’ve had enough, plain rain for Sunday. Temperatures rise to the mid-40s on Sunday morning and slide down to below freezing and staying there though Tuesday.


Computer forecast map for Thursday night showing low pressure over the Gulf of St. Lawrence dragging cold air into the eastern United States. The red and blue dashed lines are a calculated temperture from the surface to 18,000 feet.  Farther into the area of the blue dashed lines, the colder the air is.


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