Wed. Night’s Very Dark Sky

In the following photos notice the details in the shape of the Milky Way and the star clusters, expectantly as the exposure gets longer.

Here’s some photos with my Canon XS, but this time on a iOptron camera mount that follows the stars.  It’s a fancy clock that matches the rotation of the Earth and keeps the stars on the same place on the camera.

Here’s a photo of Sagittarius and Scorpius with a wider lens that came with the camera. It gets less light than my regular one I use for star photos.


Canon XS on iOptron Skytracker; 18mm lens 30 second at f/4

A narrower view of the same area, but also more light taken in.


Canon XS on iOptron Skytracker 30 sec at f/2

Note the starclusters!

Now, a longer exposure…..


Canon XS on iOptron Skytracker 66 seconds

More light! Note the stars don’t show up as trails, even though after 15 seconds (see previous nights), the stars trail when you look at a full size photo.

One more…. let’s double the exposure time again….


Canon XS on iOptron Skytracker 124 seconds. Little or no trailing (except the trees in the foreground – they are blurred because the tracker moved to follow the stars, the trees didn’t move!).





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