High tides from an invisible moon

The new moon on the Friday the 6th is near the time the moon is closest to us.  The combined effect of the line up of the sun and moon and the moon being closer than normal enhances the range of tides.  This new moon we can’t see induces large-than-normal tidal ranges from the 6th through the 9th.  (See the NYC NWS office to see if this sun/moon alignment and lunar perigee will produce coastal flooding.)

Conversely, the moon is farthest away this month near the time of full moon – furthest full moon this year.  Thus, May will have the smallest-looking Full Moon of 2016. If the largest full Moon on November 14 is a ‘supermoon’, is the smallest full Moon on the 21st a ‘minimoon’?  Photos taken with the same camera and settings at the same time of night can show a slight, but noticeable, difference in size.


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