Tue eve Update for Possible Weekend Storm

For those of us north of NYC, we are on the northern edge of the precipitation from the possible storm.  Earlier today, the total precip was    1 1/2 inches. The later run of the computer forecast model has us with 3/4 of an inch, which would vary the amount of snow (if it’s all snow) by a range of 7 to 15 inches.

So there’s a lot of uncertainty being on the edge of a possible storm, several days in advance.

Areas closest to the likely center of the storm – DC, Philadelphia – are getting more certainty in their forecasts.

But there’s still quite a ways to go.  The models will be get better at forecasting this storm as the pieces come over the upper air network over land.

Stay tuned!


NWS forecast precip through Sunday (Human-made product)


Total rainfall forecast through Sunday from the US Global Forecast model.


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