Early morning lineup Jan 6+

Wednesday morning (and any morning the rest of this week, if it’s clear out) is great for seeing the brightest planets. Out to the southeast, you’ll see brilliantly bright Venus.  Next to it will be the planet Saturn.  To its upper right will be the Moon on Wednesday.  Then, continuing to the upper right is Mars, then the bright star Spica, and way over the upper right, to the southwest, very bright Jupiter.


If you are up before 6:30am, it should be dark enough to see all this and the earthshine on the shadowed part of the Moon. Later, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus should still be visible even as the sky gets brighter.  Saturn will move up and past Venus, closest Saturday morning.  Compare very much brighter Venus with exquisite, but much fainter Saturn in a telescope, if you can.  Faint Comet Catalina is up above bright star Arcturus, high above this scene.  You’ll need a telescope to see Catalina.  (It’s not the comet shown on this map.)


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