Eclipse of the Eclipse?

A simmering storm to our south will finally wobble northward this weekend.  We need the rain, but I want to see the total lunar eclipse sunday night!  It should be beautiful, in prime time, so you don’t have to stay up too late!

Our Total Lunar Eclipse Sunday Sept. 27th - starts 9:07pm EDT, total from 10:11 to 11:24.

Our Total Lunar Eclipse Sunday Sept. 27th – starts 9:07pm EDT, total from 10:11 to 11:23. Sky and Telescope diagram.

This full moon (and eclipse) occurs when the moon is nearest the earth for the year, so while the moon will not look substantially larger than a typical full moon, it will increase the range of tides.  Expect minor coastal flooding this week.  It could be worse if we have a storm or a sustained period of winds out of the east.  There is a great article on these special tides in the Canadian Astronomical Almanac for 2015.

Big differences among the meteorological models on how to handle this slow moving storm over the Carolinas. Rain is more likely Monday though Wednesday, but it may not be much rain. This is a good time to read the forecast discussion at the National Weather Service to see their thinking about the how much rain we could get and when, and any tidal anomalies.

I think sunday night we are unlikely to have clear skies, but at least a layer of high, but thin clouds which could give the eclipse an especially haunting look.  Otherwise, since a lunar eclipse occurs for over an hour, we could get occasional breaks in an lower, thicker cloud decks that may come our way. It looks like the folks in Southern California are likely to see the eclipse before the coastal fog layer forms.  The eclipse starts are the same time, but because PDT is 3 hours behind EDT the eclipse will starting with the moon rising almost totally eclipsed around  745pm PDT and continuing with the moon low in the east or inland side of the sky.

A cool tool for seeing if you can see the eclipse is at


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