Can you find the Apollo 15 landing area on the Plain at Hadley?

Looking at the Moon, we can’t see any effects of our exploration of our Moon.

But, with directions, you can see one landing site in particular – the magnificent landscape of Hadley Rille and Mount Hadley in the Apennine Mountains. The Apennine Mountains are the left side of the inverted ‘V’ of lighter rough terrain on the ‘upper’ northern part of the Moon.


The largest crater to the left of the Appenine Mountains helps us find which indentation in the Mountains in Hadley Plain.


(not my photo)

apollo 15 site 2017 09 11
(My photo)  Canon XS through an 8-inch reflecting telescope.

Follow to the right of the large crater, along the lower edge of the lighter terrain – the indentation you see is the Hadley Plain with the Hadley Rille bounding the eastern side of the plain at the foot of Mt. Hadley in the Appenine Mountains.

The best times to see this area is in the morning sky before last quarter moon (as shown above) or in the evening sky from just before first quarter moon through full moon, as shown below.

IMG_5255 sharp contrast xhotpx (2)

Even better description:

In the book….How to Find the Apollo Landing Sites by James L. Chen….

And Bob King’s column at…..

Happy hunting!

3 thoughts on “Can you find the Apollo 15 landing area on the Plain at Hadley?

    1. Hi, Scott. It’s my favorite moon landing site, in part because it’s so distinctive. Once you’ve found it, you know you found it.
      Tuesday’s Yonkers Library, Thursday Ardsley. Next Wednesday “Failure IS an Option” at the Greenburgh Public Library.

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