Venus in the daytime

This month, Venus is getting as far from the Sun as possible, so it’s time to try to find Venus in the daytime sky.  Venus is the third brightest object in our skies, after the Sun and our Moon.  Jupiter is fourth brightest these days.  Using my astronomy programs on my hand-held, I used the live view to point my telescope in the right direction.  Venus is very bright, but not visible in the daytime without optical aid, unless you know exactly where to look, so pointing my wide-view finder scope in the direction my live view points me to.

I found Venus, but not Jupiter today.  Venus was very tiny, but so bright I was able to find it after about 15 minutes of searching. Jupiter must have blended into the bright skies and high thin clouds.  I did find a shiny red balloon reflecting the afternoon sun, racing away through the air while searching for Jupiter.  Here’s the photo through the 8-inch telescope, which gives an idea of how tiny Venus looks.  It’ll get larger over the next few months as Venus gets closer to us, but it will go from just a bit more than half-lit to a crescent.  Click to see full size. Then come back and see an enlarged version with less glare to see how Venus is at the half-lit phase.


IMG_8426 cropped


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