Our latest Monday snowstorm

For the NYC area, Monday’s storm will be more subtle than its other Monday cousins.  Unless you are in Boston.  Or you don’t have ice in your Monday morning commute.

There is less water in this storm for NYC and south, a snow equivalent of 5 to 8 inches and some of that will be in the form of ice pellets and freezing rain. We can get each of these forms of water during the Monday morning rush hour.

The masters of the weather forecasting models have noted the models agree on bringing cold air into the NYC metro area at ground level.  That means whatever falls freezes as it falls through the surface layer.  The variables in this storm are how much cold air comes in aloft and how fast the freezing rain turns to snow.  (Although I’d rather have snow than freezing rain.)

This discussion is based on the 5pm National Weather Service forecast discussion and forecasts.  Check the NWS or private forecaster for updates!

Good luck and be safe!


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