Snow Thursday morning, then freeze and repeat

Thursday’s morning rush hour will be a bit slick as an inch or so of snow settles over the NYC metro area. Perhaps eastern Long Island will get more as a new storm develops well off shore. Inland, the highest amounts, such as they are, may be over the Hudson Valley, but the NWS is not guessing where the highest accumulations will occur – but no more than 2 to 3 inches.

The weekend features a stationary front that will drape itself from east to west to our south.  The front will boost warm air up over us, and we’ll be cold enough for snow, on and off, during the weekend. Eventually one of the waves will strengthen offshore and move along the coast, perhaps continuing snow into Monday.

The amount of snow this weekend depends on how strong the high pressure system to our north is and how much it lets the front toward us or pushes it away from us.  There’s enough moisture hanging around with this front to give an inch or so of rain, which would put out about 10 inches of snow, but over several days. If the high is weaker, the front could come further north and we could get more rain or ice pellets.

Watch the forecast for developments.


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