Really bad, catastrophic or apocalyptic?

Based on recent weather models, a major snow storm will engulf the Philadelphia – Boston Washington corridor on Tuesday.

No matter what the final snow totals will be – you and your family need to be a safe, secure place by Monday evening.  Snow, cold, and high winds will be terrible tonight through Tuesday. Give yourself a margin of safety to be in a safe place and ready well before the heavier snow starts.

Listen to National Weather Service forecasts as they refine the time when the snowfall will start to increase.

If you want good news, the computer forecast models have reduced the amount of precipitation over us from the storm, but it would still mean a foot and a half of snow for the NYC-Boston coastal area. There is still a worrying amount of inconsistency among the models, so close in time to this event, so stay tuned for updates.  Remember that events predicted to be extreme are extremely difficult to predict precisely.

Be safe!


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