Simple ‘clipper’ storm strives for historic greatness later Monday through Tuesday

1030am Sunday update….NYC NWS map projects 18 to 24 as far south as Central Park. Scary. Updated map is below……

Clipper storms generally skip down from western Canada through the midwest; some strengthen and drop six to twelve inches over a small band before merrily going out to sea.

For a moment, this clipper looked like it was going to stay to our south and not bother us, but it was a fake out.

The clipper is moving south to gather moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, all the while collecting upper air energy impulses before setting a trap off the eastern coast of the US over the warmer Gulf Stream waters; waiting for the final upper air kicker to complete the modest clipper’s transformation into an historic coastal snow storm.  It will have more energy than it knows what to do with, so it will modify the air high above it, making an upper air low pressure system, grinding to a halt and spinning down to a shell of its former self.

So many things the previous storm didn’t have, this one has available to it – like a source of significantly cold air to mix into the developing storm.

At least, that’s how it might unfold.

See the maps from the National Weather Service.

Watch for updates from the NWS or your favorite weather forecast provider.

Here’s the NYC office’s estimates of snow amounts as of Sunday morning’s forecast….see the web site for updates and links to maps for other areas in the northeast.


Click to enlarge, use back button to come back to this page.


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