A little snow tonight, then focus on Saturday, and Monday night possible storms

Today (Wednesday’s) snow will make driving slippery, but not too bad, after sunset tonight through midnight.
Less than one inch is expected in the NYC area. Light snow is forecast to begin about 6pm and get steadier by about 8pm. With the storm passing well to our south, there will be more snow in southern NJ and less to our north (the reverse of many snow storm’s forecasts). And, we have a chance of just seeing a few snowflakes. Check out the National Weather Service’s map of forecast snowfall amounts…
And you can click on the map to find the maps for adjoining areas.

Then the focus shifts to two possible storm systems – one on Saturday and one Monday/ Monday night.
Both have the possibility of being major nor’easters and bring significant snowfalls.
Saturday a storm is forecast to pass off the coast, getting stronger as it goes by us, which is a method for getting lots of snow. There are some wrinkles in the forecast maps that keep us from jumping on the ‘big snow’ bandwagon. The storm will have to make its own cold air, as no high pressure system will be stationed to the north of us pumping in the cold air. Storms coming up the coast bring warm air with them, as it is the contrast between warm and cold air that is one of element needed to make a strong storm and having lots of precipitation.
Also, the upper air energy doesn’t quite come into phase. Sometimes the computer models will overbuild a storm even when the energy isn’t all there at the right time in the right place.
So where the storm tracks will be more important than usual for the likelihood of getting lots of snow vs. a mix of snow and rain.
But I’d suggest preparing for this storm well before Saturday since the timing of the snow is during the day on Saturday. You don’t want to be out with all the people make last-minute runs to the stores as the snow starts.

It will be important to prepare early for Saturday’s possible storm, since we may have another storm Monday night into Tuesday.

We’re coming into a pattern that gives us a greater chance of snowstorms, so be ready.


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