International Moon Night!

Clouds and thunderstorms here in the NYC area are limiting our view of the Moon, making it hard to celebrate , so here’s some photos via my camera and telescope of our Moon…..

See the big overview in the photos I took with my Canon XS Rebel through my 8-inch dobsonian reflector telescope Thursday and Friday night. Click to see the photos full size – then using the back arrow on your browser should bring you back to this page. Tonight’s moon will be a bit fuller (Full Moon is Monday evening). If you super-enlarge the photo, you’ll notice how fuzzy the details are at very high magnifications. With the enlarging lenses I’ve used (2 and 5 times the natural ability of the camera to make the Moon look larger) it makes the magnification more than the telescope’s diameter can give us. Some can do better by taking thousands of photos and taking the absolute best and combining them to make a very sharp detailed photo similar to what the eye can see if the air is very steady in the atmosphere between the telescope and the Moon.
But these photos give a good idea of what the Moon looks to people viewing it in my 2-inch wide 40 power lens.
77 76 copy

IMG_5255 sharp contrast xhotpx (2)

Here’s a section of one of the photos of the northeastern corner of the Moon where the sun is high in the lunar sky and the rays of material thrown out of the crater are very bright. The fan-shaped rays happened because the meteor hit the moon at a low angle. Very little of the material thrown out of the crater went in the direction the meteor came from.
On the photos of the whole moon, you can even find a double crater to the right of the fan-rayed crater, with rays extending out in one direction. This may be an impact by one meteor that bounced and hit a second time or a binary object with both pieces hitting the moon at the same time.
IMG_5278 levels
You can see many of the features in these photos even in a small telescope, just the objects will look smaller.


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