A little too much more snow

Today, Saturday, another storm will explosively ‘bomb’ off the east coast of the United States, but further north this time, so the NYC will be on the edge of the rapidly developing snow.
There will be a large difference in snowfall amounts along the 118 mile length of Long Island, from 2 to 4 inches to the west and much more on the eastern end.
A minor change westward in where the storm develops or where the bands of rapidly developing snow go will make for higher accumulations in the NYC area.
Watch the NWS forecast for updates and see the snowfall forecast map here:
Go to http://www.erh.noaa.gov/okx/
Scroll down and click on Storm Total Forecast. On that page there are also links to maps of forecast snow amounts for Albany, Boston, Binghamton and Philadelphia forecast offices.
A map from the NYC office from early Saturday morning is below.

For the next week, look out for snow starting overnight into Tuesday morning, maybe changing to rain and ending as snow late Tuesday.
The we continue the change in the jet stream allowing warmer air further north, with a rain or mixed rain/ice/snow storm later in the week. Perhaps highs in the 50s by next Saturday.



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