Part 3 of the snow, mix, snow cycle

UPdate…. a little after 9pm two flashes of lightning, followed by thunder here in Ardsley, NY!

After being dumped with snow this morning, as predicted, it changed to rain as predicted, it lightened up (a bit more than expected). And now we are ready to go back into the snow cycle.

This is the hardest part of the forecast. Many a time I’ve waited for that last band of snow to come through, but it just doesn’t seem to get here. This time I’ll be just as happy if it fizzles out, since everyone is running out of places to put the snow.

But the strong upper air storm trailing the surface storm has caused heavy snow and even thunderstorms to our south earlier today, so we’ll see. NWS NYC has a nice twitter message linking to graphics describing the tonight’s story.

On Saturday, several strong waves in the atmosphere start crashing over us and one may give us a few inches of snow late Friday night into Saturday morning.

As for next week, isn’t this enough for now?
Let’s hope this major disturbance in the atmosphere changes the patten !


One response to “Part 3 of the snow, mix, snow cycle

  1. These are great. I sound so knowledgeable when I speak to people at work. Got them fooled! Thank you!

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