Heads UP! Awful snow conditions sneak in Thursday, worst Thursday night and Friday morning

The computer forecast models’ predictions have lined up better, so here we go!

Look for a burst of snow for Thursday’s morning rush hour, that typical initial accumulation of snow that scares us and then we wait for the real show. We can pick up an inch or two early and another inch during the day.

Then the storm passing well offshore will wreak havoc on the northeastern United States, even from a distance.

Coastal areas will see some heavy snow bursts and very strong winds.
You don’t want to be out during one of those blizzard-like times Thursday night or Friday morning. And wind chills on Friday make temperatures feel like it’s below zero all day.

***Caveat*** This is the kind of storm were we are far from the center and the heavy snow is because of the moisture riding up and over the cold air and wringing out lots of precipitation as the storm develops. If all the elements don’t come together we could just get a few bursts of snow and lots of wind, since we’re likely to be too far from the center of the giant storm to get much snow from the storm all by itself.

On Friday, the wind and cold will be impressive as the storm strengthens.

Also, with the new moon (lined up with the sun) and a perigee moon (closest approach for the month), check the tidal forecasts for possible flooding along coastal areas.

Go and see the latest forecasts of snowfall amounts for the NYC forecast office area at:
That page also has links to snowfall forecasts for Albany, Binghamton, Boston and Philadelphia forecast offices.

For DC the storm starts too late, but for Rochester, they are in the middle of the heavy band nearer the initial storm and gets the most uplift of warm air.
http://www.erh.noaa.gov/buf/gfemaps/StormTotalSnow.shtml for rochester map

For next week, after a mostly rain storm on Monday, extremely cold air comes back for the rest of the week.


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