Block out the Sun and see the colors in the sky

If you block the Sun with a building, or even your outstretched hand, you may see rainbow-like colors to the left, right and above the Sun, or even in a circle around the Sun. This is especially true for those of us in the eastern United States where a storm to our south is kicking out some high, thin clouds that are very good at breaking sunlight into its colors.

Also, get out near sunset to see the sunlight reflected off these thin clouds. A number of weather web sites posted photos of beautiful sunsets after the cold front passed yesterday.

If you wait until after dark, Venus will be off the left of the sunset, low, but very bright, making a great sight just below the crescent Moon.

Here’s a chart that shows how far Venus is to the left of the setting Sun. This is a simulation of the sky low in the west – southwest for tonight, Oct. 8. It will be good for much of the week, except the Moon will have moved away to the upper left, further away each night.


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