Monday, Oct 7th Tornado WATCH (not a warning, yet as of 12noon EDT)

The National Weather Service (not furloughed, thankfully) has a Tornado Watch for much of the eastern United States, from Virginia northward through New Jersey, NYC and Upstate New York.  Severe weather may arrive in New England later this evening

This is a WATCH – no tornado has been detected in the NYC area as of Noon today – but a watch says you should watch and listen to a tornado warning and HAVE A PLAN for what you will do when a warning is issued.

The most severe weather for the NYC area is most likely between 3 to 5pm this afternoon.

But be ready anytime, as severe weather can pop up ahead of the main line of storms.

In case of a tornado warning….get as many walls between you and the outside as possible, stay away from glass, get under a sturdy piece of furniture and/or put stuff over you to protect you.
See this site for more details…


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