Wish they all could be California….. weather?

We’ve had quite a string of sunny days with deep blue skies here in the northeast! Have you noticed that something is missing? Usually on sunny, warm days we get those puffy cumulus clouds later in the afternoon. But we’ve mostly had just blue skies with a trace of high cirrus clouds.

That’s because we’ve been sandwiched between two strong low pressure systems in the jet stream, with a resulting strong high pressure over us. When that happens, the weather patterns stall and we get a long string of whatever weather we are having at the moment.

At this moment, we are having weather more typical of the dry, clear coastal desert of southern California. We are stuck on the eastern side of the jet stream ridge and so we have a steady easterly wind at the surface, which brings in some low clouds at night and temperatures drop to the water temperature and below into the 40s. During the day, the strong upper air high pressure system keeps us sunny and its sinking air suppresses the puffy clouds.

So, it looks like California weather until the jet stream traffic jams unblock!


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