Found the comet!

Wednesday evening, about 8:10pm, about one hour after sunset, I came upon a small, fuzzy star, with a faint fan-shaped glow extending to its upper right. Attached are some photos, but it was better in my 8×25 Canon Image Stabilized binoculars. The comet set behind our high school building about 8:40pm. I tried a number of different lenses and exposures and here’s the best I got…..
IMG_7964 comet
Cropped from larger photo (the next photo, below) F5.6, 5 seconds exposure, 55mm zoom lens, ISO-800. The fuzzy dot on the right is the comet. It had a longer fan-like tail in binoculars.

Larger view. Click to enlarge.

IMG_7961 cropped comet
Cropped from 55mm 10 second exposure at F 5.6, ISO-800.

I tried a zoomed in view with a longer lens, but here’s the blurry result, as the comet started lowering below the roof of the school.
250mm lens, f5.6 15 seconds (the stars and comet have trailed because of the long exposure with the long lens) ISO-800.

Bonus photo of the full moon with the 250mm zoom lens – cropped from an original which was a much shorter exposure for the sooooooo much brighter moon.
IMG_7977 crop and sharpen
Original was 1/1000 second exposure at ISO-800 f 5.6.


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