Heads UP! for a storm like mixing a cake

A storm like a chocolate swirl cake? Why not? The chocolate batter is the bands of heavier precipitation, mixed into the vanilla batter which is the areas with less precipitation.

Now, if you are a meteorologist, your job today is to predict exactly where the chocolate swirl is located at every point in the cake pan. Oh – did I mention – the cake pan is moving erratically across the counter. And you need to know the temperature of each part of the batter – some may be freezing. Good luck!

One thing we know for sure – the mixer will be set on ‘high’ – strong winds will make travel difficult through Thursday for the northeastern corridor of cities. DC is already in it, with the storm* strengthening further later today. Boston gets it last by early Thursday morning. The storm is likely to linger off of Boston and could give them 1 1/2 feet of snow inland of Boston.

How much snow and when is the question. Here’s a rule for today – if the rain starts falling harder – get ready, since the snow is about to start falling – in big, wet flakes. Heavier rain comes from higher in the air, where it’s colder (Dan’s effect I call it. My brother wowed a hard-to-impress Rutgers met dept prof, when he explained how rain and snow would vary in a forecast as the rain/snow got lighter/heavier.)

Latest forecasts for the NYC area gives the heaviest snow in eastern CT and eastern LI. With snow starting in earnest later this afternoon, but mostly overnight. this evening, if we are in the chocolate part of the batter will be strong winds and big snowflakes, but we might get into the vanilla part and the storm will look windy, but not looking like a snowstorm for a while.

The total snowfall varies depending on how much vanilla, -rain- mixes in, so stay tuned. I like the hourly forecast graph at the National Weather Service site. Click on your location and to the lower right of the forecast, look for the Hourly Forecast Graph, which all the weather parameters for each hour

*Called Snowquester, as the gov’t has a budget deficit being ‘fixed’ by a sequester, the lack of snow so far this winter in DC is a deficit of snow, being made up by the ‘snowquester’. Thanks to Wash Post’s Capitol Weather Gang for that one!


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