It’s all over but the plowing

Except for Boston.

Just got back from bringing my wife to see her patients in the hospital in the Bronx.

The roads are mostly clear, but I wouldn’t go out and sightsee.

I have 12.5 inches average snowcover in the center of the front island at our house in Ardsley, NY.  The 20inch report in Scarsdale has been discredited by news reports and our own take while driving around.

I’d believe the 30 inches in Connecticut.  My sister-in-law reports that only the roof of her car is visible.  Even accounting for drifting snow, that’s a lot of snow.

The roads are good, but when cars catch a edge of packed snow, they can spin.  We passed an suv that was sitting in the middle of the thruway facing us.  He must have caught an edge and hit the center divider.  His car wouldn’t restart.
Another suv plowed through some snow ridges going off an exit, got spun around and started going backwards into my lane.  Missed me and just stopped before hitting the wall.  Driving isn’t hard, but it can be a bad situation too quickly.  And no matter the size of your car, you can still have a problem.

But the snowfall out the window is quite impressive, even if it isn’t as much as some places.  It was about 5 inches last night when we went to bed and remarkable deep when we got up. Must have been some wild snowfall rates around midnight.

The next threat is two-fold.
Even though the sun is out, the temperature is only 27.  So surfaces will tend to freeze.
Second, the winds will increase with better mixing as the sun comes out.  That will blow some of the snow back.  Not everywhere, just certain spots again and again despite snowplowing, so watch out.
Also, the more cars out there, the worse the conditions will get as snow and slush get pushed back into the roads.

The electric snow blower is doing great. The snow depth is about 4 inches (more in drifts) over its 9 inch-high opening.  But the top snow is light and fluffy.  I do that layer first and then try to get the harder packed surface layer.  About 1/3 done so far.  The packed snow at the entrances where the city plowing the street has packed the snow is the hardest part.



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