Heads UP! A dash of snow Monday evening/overnight. Watch out for Friday’s storm.

The models have various results for the storm they form later this week. With the very cold weather expected for the middle of this week, you would think that a snowstorm would be a cinch for any storm that comes our way. However, some of the model runs are predicting a storm that goes inland or up the coast (a path for mostly rain for the east coast metro areas), along with many model runs that give the east coast a snowstorm. We’ll need for the energy that will make this storm to reach the western US coast. The models do much better once the atmospheric waves are over the United States where more upper air data are available.

In the meantime, a weak impulse will try to organize to the east of New York City and give the eastern end of Long Island and southern New England several inches of snow, with an inch or so to the west, over the NYC area. So this snow pattern is more snow to the east and less to the west, different from the usual north/south or inland/coastal variation in snow.

In the meantime, bundle up as the temperatures in the northeast don’t get above freezing from now until warmer air comes with the storm on Friday.


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