Prediction for Rutgers bowl game: 27-10

RU plays tonight vs. Virginia Tech in a post-season bowl game.

I’m not good at predicting football outcomes, but I see so many people predicting a close score and I think they are wrong. I predict a score of 27 – 10, but I don’t know who will win.

If RU overwhelms VT with their outstanding defense, and RU’s QB finds a flaw in VT’s defense that works to his strengths or VT can’t stop the run consistently, then RU 27 -10 on 2 FG, 1 defensive TD.

If VT gets into the RU backfield a lot, then the RU defense spends too much time on the field… scores a defensive TD, holds VT to the field goal or two…. then starts taking some chances…. gives up a fluke TD, then VT off the races…. VT 27 – 10.

I just think most predictors don’t know how the game will come out and are predicting a close score to show that lack of confidence.

12/29 UPDATE: Not only did Rutgers lose, the score was 13-10. Not the game I expected at all. Oh, well.


One response to “Prediction for Rutgers bowl game: 27-10

  1. Bob, why does this sound like a weather forecast???

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