Heads UP! Super windy today, followed this week by storms great and small?

The first big gust of wind just shook our house as I type this.

Saturday weather map

Saturday weather map

High wind warning for Virginia through Boston for Saturday – damaging winds are likely – time to deflate and tie down those inflatable Christmas displays.
Lake effect snow for western New York. A few flakes make it to the Atlantic Coast.

Then small, but annoying storm for travelers – an inch or three of snow during the day on Christmas Eve. Tapering off Christmas morning.

Forecast map for Monday

Forecast map for Monday

Then watch for a bigger storm for Wednesday.
Map for 1 mile up, which shows the winds (white lines) and temperature (colors) that are related to whether you get snow or not. The bluer the temperature, the more likely the precip will be snow. The -5 degrees C line is often the rain/snow line. Get the rest of the forecast maps and daily updates from unisys.com. Other models may give different results.

Watch the National Weather Service forecasts, maps and forecast discussions for updates and more details:
http://www.weather.gov/ (click where you need a forecast)
http://www.noaawatch.gov/ (lots on one page)
http://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=OKX&product=AFD (the story behind the forecast)

850mb (5000feet altitude) Day 5 forecast map for Wednesday evening.

850mb (5000feet altitude) Day 5 forecast map for Wednesday evening.


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