Heads UP! Storms favoring the NYC area for their birth

In keeping with this season of birth, some coastal storms may be taking the NYC metro area as their birthplace for the upcoming week.
Today (Tuesday), a storm over the Great Lakes birthed a new storm over the NYC area, but as you can see in the map, below, it did not get very strong, so except for a few strong showers and thunderstorms late Tuesday, there was not much effect.

But the storm will continue to grow and make a very windy overnight and day on Wednesday. Wednesday may be the only clear night for a while, as Thursday we get another Great Lakes storm birthing a new storm over us for Friday.

Thursday morning forecast map

Thursday morning forecast map

Friday's forecast weather map

Friday’s forecast weather map

So rain late Thursday into Friday, with maybe another rumble of thunder as a cold front halts the temperature rise on Friday and may produce damaging winds. There is even a possible change to light snow on Saturday morning, so stay tuned.
This storm and cold front bring winter temperatures to the northeast and midatlantic states over the weekend through Christmas day with temperatures not getting out of the 30’s and bottoming out below freezing for all areas each night.

Watch for updates at the National Weather Service – and Capital Weather Gang at the Washington Post does a nice job on longrange forecasts that you can use for much of the eastern US.


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