Windy today – watch for falling ice and tree branches

Winds from the departing storm will gust to 20 to 30 mph today. Highs in the 40’s today will help melt the snow, but also bring clumps of ice and snow falling from buildings and trees. There is still the chance of tree branches falling.

Temperatures will drop below freezing tonight, so watch out for icy patches on roads and slippery sidewalks.
We’ll have milder temperatures for Friday and Saturday, in the 50’s, with 60’s(!) forecast for early next week.
The next precipitation is forecast to be rain for late Tuesday.

We lost power last night, along with the entire neighborhood, about 8:30pm. We awoke to the lights and the sounds of power being restored around 2:45am. Then it went out for a few minutes (perhaps while they turned off the power to reconnect someone else) and has been on since. There were two brief interruptions yesterday afternoon during my conference call for work, so I had to call back in twice, then I added the wireless phone transmitter to the modem, router and TV/DVR that I had battery backups for. The backups kept the internet and TV from turning off and on during these power glitches.

Of course, the advantage of having every utility crew east of the Pacific Ocean here in the northeast is that whatever tree knocked out our power last night was dealt with before morning.

The snow recovered the driveway since I cleared it yesterday evening, but crews have cleared the roads to wet pavement, it appears. Everything else- grass, patio, trees – are well covered with two to four inches of snow.

I don’t know how people without power are surviving through all this. You can check the Con Ed page for yourself (we asked our daughter to check it after our lights and internet went out) and see how many people away from the disaster zones still don’t have power.

Snowfall amounts and peak wind speed reports are here:


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