What would it take to get snow Wednesday and Thursday in the Northeast US?

The models are coming together on the track of this week’s nor’easter.

It’s further off the coast, putting us in colder air compared to model results from earlier this week.
No matter what the snow situation, we should expect windy, very chilly weather with rain changing to snow for Wednesday afternoon and evening, at least for a while.

How might get get snow from this storm?

It looks like a burst of snow will happen or mix into the rain, later in the afternoon on Wednesday, into Wednesday night.

But lots has to happen to make the snow accumulate to an inch or more.
First, it’s early November, there is colder air than normal. That’s a first step, but not enough to make lots of snow.
Second, the models are producing colder air aloft and more snow as the energy of the storm now in Carolina gets a shot in the arm from a wave now diving south through the midwest (you can see it as an area of rain on radar now).

Also, the winds will pick up during the day – breezy Wednesday morning, windy by afternoon and strong and gusty during the nighttime. Gusts to 40 mph (as opposed to 20 to 40 mph more in Sandy+). More wind at the beaches and northeast of NYC, up to Boston and Maine.

So be careful, watch for loose objects and be ready to deal with an (hopefully) small amount of accumulating snow, with more snow inland up the Hudson Valley and Berkshires.

Watch for updates from the National Weather Service, your favorite weather provider and I’ll make updates as more information becomes available.


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