A Raw December Storm in November

A raw Wednesday with strong winds and cold temperatures and the continued threat of falling tree limbs.

I haven’t looked at the modeling results myself, but the National Weather Service forecast and the Weather Channel seem to be going with the storm moving further off the coast than in the earlier forecasts.

What does that mean for us?
Less wind. (Wind gusts to 40 mph, not 60)
Less rain, but more snow (Snow may fall strongly at times, but only accumulating one inch or less along the coast – but maybe 3 to 6 inches inland north of Westchester County and higher elevation locations in New England.
Smaller storm surge – 2 to 4 feet, which may be a problem for areas where barriers and sand dunes don’t exist any more.
Colder temperatures before and during the storm. (High temperatures will be back into the 50s beginning on Friday.)
The worst winds will be from Wednesday morning through Thursday morning. Winds will decrease as distance from the coast increases.

Check the NWS forecast – I find the hourly graphical forecast (to the lower right on the NWS forecast page for your location) to be very useful to see when the weather will be worst. Here’s what the icon looks like:

Hourly weather chart from the NWS local forecast

We aware and be safe!


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