Heads UP! What’s in our evening and morning skies?

Right after sunset, when people are coming home from work, the only bright planet in the sky is Mars, very low in the west and hard to tell apart from the star Antares (‘rival of Mars’).

Brilliant Jupiter rises in the east about 7pm, easily recognized, since it is the brightest object in the evening sky.

In the morning, Venus is brighter than anything, except the moon and sun. Just look out your window or eastward from your elevated train or subway station or bus stop. Note that looking for planets while driving your car is not recommended 🙂  The favorite object on my blog, based on search engine statistics, is Saturn, which is still lost in the glare of the sun for a few more weeks.

For more details, see my Almanac column in the back of the Westchester Astronomers’ news letter for November at http://www.westchesterastronomers.org/


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