Library has wi fi today. Moon has colorful corona. See the tree that fell.

So I don’t have to sit in a parking lot, for now.
No change in status. House temperature 55, 63 in bathroom where we are filling the bathtub with hot water.
Fridge temp 43. Look for more ice today – got some yesterday.
Gas stations have lines. We have full tanks from before the storm.
Charging laptop at library (instead of car) will help.

High temp yesterday 55, low 42, so house temp will continue to fall.

Beautiful moon and Jupiter combination this morning (and tomorrow am as well!).

Moon (overexposed) with colorful corona. Jupiter is the ‘comma’ to the upper left, easy to see with the naked eye. (used mailbox to steady the camera – no time for tripod) Canon XS 3.2 seconds F 3.5 ISO 400.

Here’s the pine tree that fell – missed the houses.

Tree that fell during Sandy+. Missed our houses!!!!!


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