What a ride!

“Here we goooooo….” Well, then our lights went out. Then a 60 foot pine went down – into the neighbor’s yard – missed all the houses! Last summer, We cut down five other pines next to it, nearer the houses, because they were dropping heavy limbs on our houses in every storm. I guess we should have done one more.

Since 727pm EDT Monday night: no power, heat, lights, internet or phone. Still have water supply, hot water and the kitchen stove (if we light it manually, carefully). We are one of 1,473 homes without power in our neighborhood of Ardsley (75 % of Ardsley) alone:

We have had a number of strong nor’easters and tropical storms, but this was the loudest.
I have heard storms with winds roaring in the treetops above us, but never had wind this strong at ground level.
At one point, I could not open the front storm door for the force of the wind on the front of our house.

The wind would be a low, constant roar, then it would get louder and louder and then the wind gust would crash over us like a breaking wave on the beach. The ‘breaking wave’ sound would last for 1 to 3 minutes. The house would creak and make sounds I’ve never heard before. Branches and pine cones smacked into the house.
Then the wind would subside to a low roar.

This morning, no apparent damage to the house. In our yard, only some tree limbs down. One neighbors (where the tree fell) lost some roofing and had one tree snapped off ten feet above the ground and another felled that took down their neighbor’s gutter. The other neighbor had flashing stripped from below the gutters.

Writing this from my wife’s workplace with public wi fi
be safe! It’s still gusting to 30 to 40 mph out.


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