Hi, Sandy+, where’s the wind?

Feel free to post questions – I’ll answer them as info and access permit (battery down to 40 minutes using the lobby wifi, but they won’t let me plug in for power, due to ‘liability issues’ says the guard.

At 8am Monday – a breezy day in the NYC area.
The National Weather Service is looking for a band of strong winds coming ashore this afternoon with gusts to 60 to 75 mph then. This band should form as Sandy is reved up by the upper air impulse in the jet stream.
NWS aviation forecast for Newark Airport, representative of NYC (wind speeds in knots, 63 kts is hurricane force).
Key: Date/time in GMT (EDT subtract 4 hours, as I have noted in the first column)
Wind in Knots, G is gusting to…
Forecast Weather +RA = heavy rain, no +/- is moderate rain
Sky cover OVC012 = overcast, cloud base at 1200 feet.
KEWR 291120Z 2912/3018 02026G35KT 6SM -RA OVC020
10am FM291400 03030G40KT 5SM RA OVC012
2pm FM291800 03035G50KT 2SM +RA OVC007
8pm FM300000 08040G60KT 2SM +RA OVC007
10pm FM300200 13045G65KT 3SM SHRA OVC008
1am FM300600 15038G60KT 4SM -SHRA OVC015
7am FM301100 16032G50KT 6SM -SHRA BKN035
12noon FM301700 16028G42KT P6SM BKN050


2 responses to “Hi, Sandy+, where’s the wind?

  1. Crazy that they won’t let you plug in your computer!

  2. I’m back at home. Still have power, trees are shaking a lot. Last hour westchester airport peak wind about 40mph. Gust to 46 at airport last hour. Winds roaring during strongest gusts. Barometer down 14mb in last 7 hours (falling very fast).

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