Answers to yesterday’s multiple choice question

1) Yes, I saw Venus and the Moon in the morning (see photo, below). Jupiter was out as well, but I didn’t have my wide lens, so he didn’t fit.

2) No, I did not see Venus go behind the moon Monday afternoon – too hard to look sideways through the cumulus clouds to see them only 4 degrees above the horizon.
But Henry (a co-worker) and I saw the pale Moon at noontime, without optical aid and then used binoculars to see Venus.

3) Yes, I saw the planetary stop light Monday evening – see photo below! But no meteors. (Hard to do when looking through a camera viewfinder.)

Venus and the Moon in the blue sky just before sunrise:

Venus and the Moon. Monday morning Aug 13. Canon XS 55mm telephoto lens 1/13 second, ISO 800, F 7.1 on tripod.

Here’s the moon at 250 mm telephoto – a bit grainy. Cropped and contrast enhanced:

Thin moon

From top to bottom: Saturn (yellow), Mars (red), Spica (blue-white, let’s pretend it’s green!)
Intentionally unfocused to bring out the color differences:

Celestial stop-light. Saturn, Mars and Spica; Canon XS 15 seconds, ISO 400 F 7.1 55mm zoom.

Thanks to my children for the new, very steady, tripod!!


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