Venus walks across the sun

We had a good crowd for the watching (and waiting) for the transit of Venus at James House – thanks to Phelps Hospital for letting us use their backyard!. See more photos at .

We had two periods of sunshine between the clouds and showers.

Here’s the best photo through my 60mm refractor telescope. I held the camera up to the eyepiece for the 1/30 sec exposure, ISO 200, 55mm zoom with the Canon XS. There wasn’t time to attach the camera to the telescope.

Venus (upper left) with sunspots on the sun.

Here’s a scenic photo taken with my 250mm telephoto 1/4000 sec exposure, F 32, using the clouds as a filter (I watched through the Live View video monitor on the back of the camera to protect my eyes). Click to see Venus on the Sun in the upper right.

Venus on the Sun’s disc, with iridescent clouds nearby.

And here’s another pretty photo – this was also with the camera held up to the eyepiece, but I hadn’t zoomed in yet, so the grassy lawn in the background provides a green frame for the view through the eyepiece.

Sun, with Venus as a black dot near the upper left edge.


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