Bright planets right after sunset

After getting hit by a snow shower that may have migrated from the Great Lakes on Saturday night, I waited and caught the Moon, Jupiter and Venus on Sunday evening. 

The moon will keep moving on, but Jupiter and Venus will be – very – bright and hanging out together in evening sky as soon as it starts to get dark.  So go out and see it !!!


Jupiter is to the upper left, the Moon brightest to the right and Venus very bright to the lower right.  And see the earthshine on the dimmer part of the Moon.

Mercury is too low, hiding behind the hill behind my house, so it isn’t in the photo.

Closer look at the Moon and Jupiter Image

(Jupiter is to the left in that photo):



Moon though the telescope.  Can you see the crater that has its walls lit by the rising sun, but the center is mostly dark?


Jupiter close up (and overexposed), with three of the four brightest moons:


















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