Great Jupiter !

Another wonderfully steady view of Jupiter tonight – four moons, one wide band, one narrow band, some smaller bands, the (more subtle than Great) Red Spot sitting right in front of Jupiter with bubbles of white spots in its wake.
Here’s some snapshots from the eight-inch telescope, at prime focus, cropped to show the details on Jupiter.

This photo is a cropped portion of the original photo in which Jupiter was a bright dot in a large sea of black. No adjustments were made.

Jupiter photo cropped to just show Jupiter

This photo is the original cropped photo seen above, but with brightness adjusted to bring out the “red” spot in the lower band just right of center.

Jupiter with adjusted brightness levels

This photo has the brightness adjusted like the last photo, plus some sharpening.

Original photo with brightness adjusted and sharpened

Which do you think is easier to see the details?

Here’s a wide shot of Jupiter and its moons – one moon to the far left, and three to the right, one next to Jupiter and two farther to the right:

Juipter (too bright) and its four brightest moons


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