Updated…..It’s Winter Weather Awareness Week in NYC! Who knew there’d be a test at the end of the week?

Winter storm warnings are up for Saturday night, October 29th!

Very wet snow weighs down the butterfly bush

Forecast snowfall amounts are found at:
It’s going to be hard to get snow this time of year with water temps near 60 degrees, so the heavy snow could miss us entirely. But it would still be a major nor’easter, even with all rain, so stay tuned!

Strong upper air dynamics bring the storm through the heavy snow box and induce waves of heavy precipitation.
Good thing it’s October or it would be 1 1/2 to 2 feet of snow!!
Oh, oh …. bad that it’s October – less snow, but someone didn’t tell the trees to get rid of the leaves.
Wet snow sticking to leaves and branches may be too heavy for the trees to hold.
Be prepared for power outages when the strong winds arrive.

Snow and rain mixed Saturday morning.
All rain for a while south of I-287.
Heavy rain Saturday afternoon, changing to snow into the night. (Bad weather for Rutgers fans!)
All over by Sunday sunrise.
Sunday will be breezy and cold, but mostly sunny.

The next storm passes far to our south on Tuesday.
Then a storm may form for Thursday/Friday – looks like rain.


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